Book a Pick Up

Book a Pick Up

To help us minimise the carbon miles during pick-ups, if you have a second or multiple bags close to filling then help us coordinate in a single collection, it’s even better for the environment.

To protect your staff, our couriers, and our staff, please ensure your bags are under 15kgs. For health and safety reasons bags over this weight limit cannot be collected. If your bag is over 15kgs, please divide the weight between two bags.

To access our system to arrange a pick up fill in the form below or contact us on 0800 733 116

When preparing your workplace’s bags for collection please ensure:

  1. That a single bag weight does not exceed 15KGs.
  2. That the bag is not overfilled with product and that a minimum of 15cm of empty bag space is left at the top to tie off.
  3. That the bags are appropriately sealed using only the cable ties provided by Close the Loop. Tape or twist ties are not acceptable for sealing bags
  4. That the bag is sealed with the cable tie as tight as possible and that the bag has no signs of tears or holes as this will reduce the risk of toner powers / inks leaking from the bag in transit.
  5. That the provided return label from CEVA logistics has been printed and firmly affixed to the bag. It is recommended that the whole label be taped over with clear tape to ensure it does not come loose from the bag in transit. If there is a Courier Post or NZ Post label affixed to your bag, please place the CEVA label over the top.

Please note: Should the above requirements not be met, courier drivers reserve the right to refuse collection. Subsequently you will be required to rebook the collection if the issue can not be remedied at the time of the drivers initial visit to your workplace.

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