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Inside Close the Loop

Inside In the Loop: State-of-the-art factory

From the outside, Close the Loop’s 200,000-square-foot-facility in Hebron, Kentucky might look like an ordinary factory. But step inside and you are on the frontier of high technology. State-of-the-art machinery interfaces seamlessly with innovative software—all invented by Close the Loop—to perform efficient and environmentally friendly recycling processes and data collection.

“First-time visitors to the facility are always surprised by the intuitive layout of the factory floor,” notes Dean Vukovic, Director of Business Development at Close the Loop.

“They’re also fascinated to see the reusable materials broken down to their simplest forms. Most people don’t realize that Close the Loop uses every last bit of every item it receives from its client companies.”

Another eye-opener for first-time visitors is the data gathering that happens on that factory floor. As soon as a toner cartridge comes through the door, every piece is labeled for data capture. This data collection makes it possible for Close the Loop to provide clients with specific intelligence that they can use to track their total recyclables and other critical metrics.

The sheer volume of work done at the facility can be difficult to fathom. Since opening the U.S. facility in 2007, Close the Loop has recovered more than 60,000 tons of material (picture 22,577 hippos or 345 Boeing 747s).

Close the Loop’s dedicated team of managers and technicians oversees workflow and ensures that machines and processes can be adjusted instantly to meet evolving customer needs. The company’s leadership—longtime experts in the recycling field—are continually striving to fine-tune the operation and are the source of ongoing innovations in the recycling realm.

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